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About Me


My family history includes depression, alcoholism, and hoarding. Thanks to my asthma, I grew up in a hospital and was a geeky bookworm always picked last in P.E. You’ve probably guessed I wasn’t one of the cool kids.

At eighteen, I took a chance and headed west. No job and no place to live, just a deep desire for a better life. I went on to run half-marathons and 5K’s and live a happy, active life in Southern California. But I won’t lie – things were downright ugly for a while.

My life was turned upside-down in an instant and I had to start over more than once. Each time, I came through it stronger and happier than before. I’ve had to overcome adversity in all phases of my life. Mindset and action were always my saving grace.

The road to turning dreams into reality means making mistakes, failing, and falling. Most importantly, it also means getting back up and repeating the process until the pain it took to get “there” is overshadowed by the beauty of the life you’ve created.

I share my story to let you know that YOU can create a life you love – no matter what your past or present circumstance is. It takes work – but If you’re true to yourself, it’s worth it.

The memoir I’m writing will share the good the bad and the ugly of that journey and the blog will share life experiences and mindset shifts that helped this weird girl create a life she loves.

Follow me here or here. I’d love to know about YOU and your journey