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Don’t Piss on My Cornflakes

The first few times I watched this Peter Shankman video I laughed because as a runner training for a half marathon, I could relate. I came back to it later when I needed a laugh and found yet another message.  Not the message that there will always be the people that just don’t “get” you or whatever it is you’re into. There are also those people who – I’ll use the expression that makes my poor husband cringe…. Like to piss on your cornflakes..

The people who when you tell them you’re going on vacation to, let’s say Vietnam, ask incredulously “why would you ever go there?” Maybe it’s beautiful, maybe you don’t like tourist traps, maybe you want to live a little and not feel like a sheep. The people who when you finish a marathon tell you it’s bad for your knees or the people that don’t understand why you would ever put your thoughts out there on the internet for all to .. Gasp.. read.

I used to wonder why some people were so genuinely happy for the person doing whatever it was that made them happy, and others would either look at you in disapproval or as if you were from another planet. Over the years, I’ve seen the same pattern – the people who responded negatively, just haven’t been happy in life, period. The glass is always half empty and leaking. Maybe you remind them of what they’re NOT doing. The only difference is personal choice, you choose to see the good, the adventure, the possibility – NOT the doom and gloom. Hold on to your outlook and approach to life – you just might be the person that inspires someone else to see that it’s as simple as choosing how they view things. Just keep an eye on your cornflakes….

Mindset and Body

Mind Body Connection

Mind Body Connection

So, yesterday I went to my first Bikram yoga class, a.k.a. “hot yoga”. I have friends that take or have taken Bikram classes and I’ve heard stories about passing out, having to leave, and my personal nightmare – throwing up in class. Trying something new can feel awkward, uncomfortable or downright intimidating. But you should do it anyway. (more…)

Procrastination Sucks

Procrastination2011 – New Year, New goals, same challenge with procrastination. When I say procrastination sucks, I mean it will literally suck the energy, momentum and life right out of you. It’s been my Achilles heel for as long as I can remember. Most of the time it’s just a horrible habit that feeds my somewhat twisted enjoyment of working under pressure. The adrenaline rush of beating the clock to get something done. I’ll easily pull through a pressure situation and feed the chaos I created for myself with a false sense of accomplishment. Sound familiar?

Most of the time, it just means a self imposed adrenaline rush. Today it cost me something I really wanted and I am trying not to kick myself too hard or too many times over it. I’m telling myself to use it as fuel for getting past this procrastination habit. That’s all it is, a bad habit, one I’m more than ready to kick. I juggle multiple projects, am writing a book, training for the Rock n Roll half marathon, work full time, am launching a new site all while maintaining a decent balance with my family of two boys, a husband, house and two dogs. I get all the hard stuff done, but buying two tickets to a symposium I really want to attend – that’s the stuff that kills me, the simple stuff!

The symposium’s keynote speaker, Peter Shankman, is someone that I admire and respect greatly. He’s a brilliant entrepreneur, speaker, and adventurist among a zillion other things and loves to live life to its fullest. I share his enthusiasm for life, running and doing. Thanks to answering a query in his “baby” HARO, I was in a Family Circle article about moms who did something daring. In my instance, I went skydiving with my son on his eighteenth birthday, something I could get addicted to in a heartbeat. Coincidentally, Peter is an avid skydiver. He’s been my inspiration for many years, for many reasons. His 2011 challenge and the fact that my procrastination blew my opportunity for my son and I to see him as a keynote speaker this Friday are the reason for this post. His challenge is different than mine, yet it seems as we’re both ready to make a change. He is authentic and honest and I respect and relate to the rawness in his posts.

I have huge goals and procrastination has no place in helping me achieve any of them. If you share this Achilles heel – please do something today that you have been putting off. No matter how small, give yourself a success today. Repeat tomorrow until a new habit forms – one that will take you to great places in 2011.

Perserverence Mindset

A few days ago I talked about the fear mindset and how it can really hold you back. The antidote to that of course is action. But once you get into action mode, the next step is perseverance. I’d like to introduce you to Naomi Dunford, someone I absolutely love. She’s genuine, swears like a sailor, and has been there – done that. Please take a minute to read one of her latest posts. What is it that you’re putting off?

Overcome Fear

Sometimes you just have to tell yourself to shut the FUD up – FUD,  meaning Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt…

Fear can paralyze the most ambitious people and plans. In and of itself, fear isn’t a bad thing, it keeps us safe by alerting our senses to real danger – a bad vibe from a stranger, standing too close to the edge of a mountain (without a harness) etc.

HOWEVER, when the fear is based on all the “what-ifs” in your head that will probably never happen – and if they did happen, certainly wouldn’t kill you, it just keeps you stagnant. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of looking or feeling silly. It’s your built in protection, but in these cases, it just doesn’t serve you… If you don’t address the fear, you can easily find yourself in a vicious cycle of self-sabotage.

Learning to move beyond it takes commitment

First – Don’t fight the fear. It only makes it worse. Acknowledge it and take away its power. Understand that you have a fear, and also that it’s only a thought in your head, a feeling in your body. What you are fearing has not happened. What you’re feeling is a chemical reaction in your brain. The perfect example is a scary movie or a motion ride. Your brain reacts as if the events were actually taking place. Your heart beats faster, you may break out in a sweat, your stomach tenses. That’s the power of 100 BILLION nerve cells at work.

Second – Reprogram your mind. If you find yourself feeling those fear symptoms as you’re contemplating something new like a career change, starting new business, relationship etc. immediately start thinking of something pleasant, a vacation, your favorite food, all the good things that would be a result of the change. Another option is to use a positive affirmation. That will help stop the current chemical reaction induced by fear and replace it with a different process the helps transition the brain out of fear mode. Make this a habit.

Third – Add action. Even if it’s miniscule, DO something. Take one step towards making your decision or trying something new and then do it. It may sound too  simple, but your thoughts have the most power over your life. Make sure you’re creating a mindset that serves you rather than one that leaves you parlyzed with fear. It’s a very empowering skill to master.