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Have you ever had an experience that words just can’t adequately describe? That sums up the last few days for me. It was the face to face portion of our Having It All Challenge. We were finally able to meet the people that we’ve spent the last five and a half months with on our community boards and phone calls. Some of them are people that we’ve bared our soul to, others are energetic like-minded people willing to share their successes and challenges and cheer us on in our journey. Most are people that up until now, we have only seen as a snapshot on a personal profile. These last few days, those faces, hopes and dreams have meshed together for an unforgettable event that has surely led to lasting relationships and a lifetime of lessons.

In addition to John Assaraf, we heard two phenomenal speakers –Shore Slocum, and Scott DeMoulin. Shore is the author of “What Makes your Tail Wag”, and an inspirational international speaker considered by many as the trainer of leaders. Scott is well known for his speaking, training and consulting in addition to being part of the Transformational Leadership Council. The energy of this combination is absolutely amazing and without a doubt leaves you knowing that you truly can have it all.