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You know that “thing” you want to do – write a book, travel the world, become a speaker…

Whatever your thing is – do you know way deep down at your gut level WHY you want to do it? It’s not as easy as you’d think. It takes a lot of “why’s” to get there.

Because I want to help others.

That was my answer when I asked myself why I wanted to write a memoir. Help others do what, and why do I want to help them? Who are these people I’m trying to help? How will my story help them?

When I was in Middle school, the weirdness of my life made me feel different from everyone else. It wasn’t one thing; it was several little things, like:

  • Being raised as an only child knowing I had multiple siblings
  • The parents who raised me suffered from deep depression and later hoarding
  • I was in the hospital so many times I developed a great medical terminology vocabulary
  • The Aunt and Uncle who raised me were brother and sister not husband and wife

The list grows to epic proportions when you extend it to present day. I’ll spare you the rest for now.

So what’s the big deal about knowing your Why?

It will be your driving force. The thing that keeps you going – especially when you have to do the hard work that’s not fun or sexy. Your Why will help you cross the finish line.

This is the progression of my Why:

Why do you want to write a memoir series?
Me:    To help others.
Me:    I know what it feels like to be different, and I want to make a difference.
Me:    When I was nine, I read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and it changed my life.
Me:   I could relate to Maya Angelou’s story. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone. It gave me the hope and strength I could have a better life too.
Me: We all have a story to tell, but most of us don’t tell it. Maybe my story will give someone the strength or courage to take a step towards a better life.

Your dreams, ambitions and Whys are yours and yours alone. They have to mean something to you. It doesn’t matter what works for anyone else. You’re not them. You’re you.

Work on your “Why” and hone it down until it’s strong enough to make your “thing” a reality.

I’d love to hear your Why.


Because I care.