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Mind Body Connection

Mind Body Connection

So, yesterday I went to my first Bikram yoga class, a.k.a. “hot yoga”. I have friends that take or have taken Bikram classes and I’ve heard stories about passing out, having to leave, and my personal nightmare – throwing up in class. Trying something new can feel awkward, uncomfortable or downright intimidating. But you should do it anyway.

Having tried yoga in the past, it was something I knew could completely quiet my mind. At times it’s hard for all of us to shut down and just “be” but it’s important to release the stresses of the day, listen to your body, and quiet your mind. Those tight shoulders and neck pain might be trying to tell you something (that you’re stressed and need to release it)….

There is a definite link between the mental, emotional, and physical side of you. Running usually works really well for me, it helps me release stress, stay fit, and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. You need to find your “thing” and incorporate it into your routine. It’s always good to be open to exploring new ways to keep that mind-body connection in sync.

When running started to give me issues with my I.T. band and hip flexors, it was a sign that something was out of balance. Last year I started seeing a chiropractor and sports massage therapist which helped immensely. I’m currently training for a half-marathon and those issues are flaring again. It’s what pushed me past my hesitance to try something new. My body was telling me something was out of balance physically. I listened, and am looking forward to seeing if this will be a good fit – so far it seems like it is. I left feeling very healthy and centered in all respects.

Are you in fully in sync?