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Yes  we felt the earthquake in San Diego, and yes we’re ok – thank you for thinking of us. For those of you going home from Comic-Con, we just wanted to give ya a little excitement on the way out!  I was on the first floor of a two story building and the windows rattled and the wall shook enough to let me know that it was bigger than a 3.0

My in-laws (who are real family, not “in-law” family) live in L.A. and endured the Northridge quake in ’94. My first thought was that it was a strong quake and wanted to make sure everyone was ok. I researched it online first, as the Northridge quake taught me not to tie up the phone lines in case people needed to call out because of emergencies.

Everyone is fine and it’s a great reminder that your whole world can literally be shaken up in a second.  Are you “ok” with everyone you love right now? Is there anything that needs to be said? Have you told them you love them and appreciate them lately? Life can change in an instant. Make sure you’re prepared in every way.