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Sometimes despite the best efforts to surround yourself with like-minded individuals someone sneaks in under the radar and jolts you into a world you wish didn’t exist. Something I would consider a hate mail assaulted my inbox last night night. It came from a person I know on the surface. When I read it, I was shocked that someone I knew would share such a distasteful and hateful view. I was one of many recipients.

Take a Stand

The innuendos about race and religion coupled with an “us against them mentality” was much more than I would ever tolerate. My question is, what’s the best way to handle this type of email without fueling the fire and causing more hate?

Do you reply back respectfully to that individual with your views, do you reply to all respectfully with your views, do you speak to the person individually? Is there a difference if it’s a co-worker, friend or neighbor? What can we do to stop the hate? Does this one have a simple answer?