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When you see your favorite athlete, business person or actor/actress do you ever look at them in amazement and marvel about their “fortune” in becoming successful? Do you wish you had the talent and expertise they do?

What most people forget is that they are simply seeing the end result of many years of hard work. Practice, trial and error, failures and then success. The success comes from day after day of working on a specific goal. Whether you aspire to be an Olympian or an expert in your field, the path is the same. Dedication, perseverance, a specific plan and consistent action

Your life is comprised of a series of days and minutes.

Each day you wake up and make a choice. Are you going to do something that gets you closer to your goals today? Are your goals written out very specifically? We’re rapidly approaching the end of the year. Stop and take a moment to see where you are and make any necessary adjustments.

Have a long-term plan but live it every single day. One day you’re going to wake up and see how far you’ve come and realize that your success happened one day at a time.