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What did you do differently yesterday? Did you wake up at the same time, take the same route to work, follow the same old routine? Do you even remember the drive in to work or school?  It’s nice, comfortable and predictable. It allows us to live on autopilot. The downside to that nice cozy world is that we end up getting the same old results.

For years I parked in the same exact spot at work, even getting a little miffed if someone else parked in “MY” unassigned spot. It’s a small thing, but when others started to comment that someone took “MY” spot, it made me take a hard look at what else I was doing by habit. I promised myself that no matter how small, I would do something different each day. Sometimes it was a new way to or from somewhere, finding a new way to do something at work, venturing out to a new place, joining new forums, attending a webinar to learn something new. You know what? Those small things have led me to meet amazing people, make new connections and enhance my skills. I feel alive again.

It’s amazing what one little seemingly insignificant change in your daily routine can lead to. Challenge yourself, make a game of it.  I’ll bet that at the end of a week you be amazed by how awake and alert you feel. Don’t give in to the discomfort, it’s a sign of growth. Come on, park somewhere new today. Try a new food, start a conversation with someone you don’t know. Whatever you do, Wake Up!!