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The Weird Girl

All Grown Up.

Rock Your Inner Weirdo.

Friends and family don’t understand you.

I get it. I’ve been there. It’s not pretty.

What’s really ugly?

Not letting the true you shine.
This worked for me…


What Do You Really Want?

Are you stuck in a life or job that leaves something to be desired? Spend time to discover what’s missing and find an approach that gets results regardless of what you’re working towards.

Assess & Adjust Your Mindset

A conflict arises when what we say is completely different from our inner dialogue. You can overcome fear, doubt, and inhibitions by bringing the two into alignment. A clear and actionable mindset is critical.

Create an Actionable Plan

Now that your goals and mindset match, it’s time to create a plan. Define your goal and commit to a day, week, month, or even a year. Consider your work-life balance and make a customized and manageable timeline.

Stay on Track & Get Results

With clear measurable goals and a plan in hand, it’s time to do the work! And sometimes all you will need is a little help to maintain motivation and stay on task. A dedicated  mentor or accountability partner is a great start. 

Fears Conquered

Goals Achieved


Cups of Coffee

Make Yourself A Priority.


Thoughts to Ponder

Do You Really Know Your Why?

Do You Really Know Your Why?

You know that "thing" you want to do - write a book, travel the world, become a speaker... Whatever your thing is - do you know way deep down at your gut level WHY you want to do it? It's not as easy as you'd think. It takes a lot of "why's" to get there. Because I...

Create a Life You Love

Create a Life You Love

Does having a life you love mean you're happy every minute of every day? Of course not. If anyone tells you they are - run! Those Internet ads with a guy grinning from ear to ear next to an exotic car with a mansion in the background make me laugh - then they make me...

When It’s Good to Go With The Flow

When It’s Good to Go With The Flow

Ever have one of those days where all you want to do is work on "that thing" but life has other plans? Yes, we all have. How do you deal with them? Do you let them get under your skin or do you go with the flow? We're having work done at home and I've chosen to stay...