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The first few times I watched this Peter Shankman video I laughed because as a runner training for a half marathon, I could relate. I came back to it later when I needed a laugh and found yet another message.  Not the message that there will always be the people that just don’t “get” you or whatever it is you’re into. There are also those people who – I’ll use the expression that makes my poor husband cringe…. Like to piss on your cornflakes..

The people who when you tell them you’re going on vacation to, let’s say Vietnam, ask incredulously “why would you ever go there?” Maybe it’s beautiful, maybe you don’t like tourist traps, maybe you want to live a little and not feel like a sheep. The people who when you finish a marathon tell you it’s bad for your knees or the people that don’t understand why you would ever put your thoughts out there on the internet for all to .. Gasp.. read.

I used to wonder why some people were so genuinely happy for the person doing whatever it was that made them happy, and others would either look at you in disapproval or as if you were from another planet. Over the years, I’ve seen the same pattern – the people who responded negatively, just haven’t been happy in life, period. The glass is always half empty and leaking. Maybe you remind them of what they’re NOT doing. The only difference is personal choice, you choose to see the good, the adventure, the possibility – NOT the doom and gloom. Hold on to your outlook and approach to life – you just might be the person that inspires someone else to see that it’s as simple as choosing how they view things. Just keep an eye on your cornflakes….